Black Bean Veggie Pattie

Black Bean Veggie Pattie

Food preferences these days are quite debatable. If children are looking for taste, then their parents are looking for health and nutrition. It’s quite difficult to agree on the same point. Though you don’t need to worry as you have come to the right place. Yes, there is a recipe which facilitates both your taste and health.

So let’s see this pattie ingredient quickly:


So all the ingredients are handy and could be availed at any grocery store or supermarket. Even this pattie could be included in a burger as well. Let’s see the procedure to cook it:


  • In a pan, add olive oil and all the vegetables like onions, garlic, poblano pepper, carrots, and taco seasonings. Toss them for 8 to 10 mins until they are softened.
  • Now take an absorbent paper and extract the mixture on it to remove excess oil.
  • Now add refried beans, black beans, and tortilla chip crumbs into the mixture and mix them to form a stiff mixture. If required add more chip crumbs.
  • Out of this mixture create at least 8 to 10 patties.
  • Coat the patties with butter or corn oil, and roast them until they turn brown.

Your yummy patties are ready, try them into a burger or likewise to satisfy your and your families taste buds. Let’s see its nutritional values as well.

Nutritional value per serving

Calories 110 Kcal
Carbohydrates 18 g
Fats 3.5 g
Protein 5 g

What are you waiting for? Make your family weekend blissful by preparing this exotic dish and serving it to your family.

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