Cucumber Carrot Salad

To most of us, cucumber is the most exotic dish, there are multiple ways to indulge it into our diet, but a salad is something which is absolutely incomplete without cucumber. So here is a cucumber-carrot salad full of refreshment and energy. So let’s quickly jump to the Ingredients: Sliced Carrot: 1 cup Sliced Green Onions: 2 tablespoon Sliced and seeded Cucumber; 1/2 Minced Red Bell Peppers: 2 tablespoon Grated Ginger: 1/4 tablespoon White Sugar: 1 teaspoon Seasoned Rice Vinegar: 1/4 cup Vegetable Oil: 1/2 teaspoon Salt as per [...]

Three Bean Chaat

Three beans chart is one the easiest dish to make. It tastes delicious and also can be cooked in less time. Total cooking time required for 40 minutes in which it takes 35 minutes for the beforehand preparation. It has a high nutritional value as it have all the healthy ingredients Ingredients For The Chaat 1 cup rajma (cooked) 1 cup chana (cooked) 1 cup chowli beans (cooked) 1 cup green beans (cooked) 1 cup potatoes (cooked) 1/2 cup onions, chopped 1/2 cup tomatoes, chopped 1/2 cup cucumber, chopped 1/2 [...]

Cucumber-Mint Morning Green Juice

All of us love to start our mornings in a rejuvenating manner. Why not start our day with a sugar-free glass of juice which will keep you energized all day long? Cucumber juice has several health benefits like – it helps in weight loss, keeps your body hydrated, helps in providing antioxidants essential for our body, reduces blood pressure, improves bone health, lowers blood pressure and also prevents cancer!! Ingredients A handful of chopped Kale Leaves. Two handfuls of Spinach Leaves. 1/4 packed [...]