About Us


We have only ONE motive behind our company.

We want to help you Eat the Freshest, Most Naturally Farmed Vegetables Possible.

That’s all!! In order to do that, we will dismantle a few core categories and focus on a few key things

IRIL is a one of a kind Agrotech company focused on helping both farmers and end customers. We are disrupting the current agriculture supply chain and solving the very basic problems that Indian Agriculture is facing since 1950s.

We will sell only those Vegetables that we would Eat Ourselves.

At IRIL FARMS, we’re big VEGGIE LOVERS. And by big, we mean huge. So when it comes to the vegetables we put on your plate, we’re extremely picky. Every single product is handpicked by a team with years of experience.

If it’s Not Fresh,
We Won’t Sell it

For vegetables to stay fresh and retain its natural nutrients, it needs to be stored at a temperature between 0° and 5°C. We maintain this temperature from the time we procure the product to cleaning, cutting and storing it, until it leaves for delivery. And even when it’s out for delivery, we keep it chilled right up to your doorstep. Did we mention that we’re obsessed?

Products & Services

Iril Farms provides a full assortment of fresh and value added vegetable produce to its customers.


IRIL FARMS deals in growing and farming of exotic vegetables and seasonal vegetables..

Cut & Diced Vegetables

IRIL FARMS has also started creating specialized packs of CUT AND DICED Vegetables..

Recipe & Cookbook

IRIL FARMS strives to create a wholesome ecosystem which caters to all the needs of our customers.