How We Do It

How We
Do It

We are modernising our supply chain from farm to fork using social practices and modern technology to create a pan India network; along with educating the farmers and customers together.

Full support and services provided to farmers which helps them increase their yield, market their product and assure steady income based on long-term agreements.

State of the art collection centres and world class operational warehouse connecting us to our market. We use planned, data driven historical and predictive industry scale model to generate demand and supply of our products.

We are pioneers in additional sale and service offerings by providing a full assortment of HEALTHY, FRESH AND NATURAL products that are ready for consumption.

We are very stringent in our quality and safety processes. We make sure we provide only those vegetables that we would consume ourselves. Our certified and graded standard processes ensure 100% FRESH, QUALITY, NATURAL AND VERIFIED vegetables that are of the highest global standards. All vegetables are certified and ready for consumption.

We assure year round supply and maintenance of QUALITY and STANDARD across all categories. Our vegetables are 100% FRESH and NON PRESERVED.