Social Impact

IRIL FARMS brands itself as a Farmer First Company. Our social responsibility is ensuring that all partners – including customers, farmers, local communities, employees and consumers – benefit from our work.

We strive to form a HEALTHY INDIA and want our Farmer brothers to get the appreciation they deserve!

RURAL INDIA – IRIL Farms Strives to POSITIVELY change the lives of all partner IRIL Farmers

  • Assured higher incomes
  • Access to better technology
  • Access to farming education
  • Access to social benefits
  • Access to financial and insurance services
  • Access to quality inputs/ extension services
  • Farm productivity improvements
  • Employment opportunities
IRIL Farms aims to minimize the ecological impact through environmentally friendly solutions in all its operations.


  • Reduction of waste
  • Recycling
  • Water conservation
  • Minimized energy consumption
  • Ecologically friendly products & packaging
IRIL FARMS aims to create sustainable jobs for a team of hundreds of workers in rural India.


  • Secured sustainable income
  • Healthy working environment
  • Access to insurance
  • Training and development
IRIL FARMS aims to offer high quality products that are consumed by thousands daily.


  • Improved food quality and safety
  • Traceability to origin
  • Transparency in Nutrient content
  • Certified Produce
  • 100% Natural