What are we doing?

What are
We Doing?

We are hand-holding the farmers and enriching them by the following

  • Identifying which crop to sow in which season
  • Classroom Training and Education to increase farmer yield
  • Recommend best quality Non GMO seeds and bio manure
  • Hand-holding throughout the season in their own fields during farming
  • Decreasing, if not eliminating, the use of pesticide
  • Creation of farm clusters to aggregate for bulk sales in advance
  • Giving them a better rate than local mandis for their vegetables

We are using top of the line cold chain solutions and MAP packaging techniques and technology right from the farm head till point of sale to retain freshness and extend shelf life.

We have a state of the art processing plant which helps us keep quality, freshness and hygienic handling of all products. Every vegetable is washed using ultrasonic ozone technique to remove bacteria, viruses, germs and other harmful chemicals.

We use quality checking procedure which is able to check our vegetable for foreign substances so that we are able to provide our customers with the best quality product.

We pack our produce in food grade sustainable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging. All vegetables are processed and packed using German MAP ( Modified Atmosphere Packaging) technique to ensure a longer shelf life and retention of nutrients upto 100%.

We are only interested in providing TOP QUALITY and NUTRITIOUS vegetables to our customers. IRIL FARMS is synonymous with Quality and Fresh Produce.

Hygienically handled – One touch handling method

  • 100% Traceable to farms – improves food safety
  • Better quality