Lemon Grass Basil Fried Chicken

Lemon Grass Basil Fried Chicken

For all the chicken lovers, here is a recipe which will smack your tongue with exotic flavors of chicken, basil and lemongrass. This brisk through the recipe is a must to have in your diary to cope with short notice dinners. Let’s get started with ingredients:

These ingredients could be found in supermarkets and if you have any issue while finding them, they are available on many online stores and groceries. Now let’s check the preparation method


  • Take a pan and add one tablespoon vegetable oil and let it heat. Now add garlic, lemongrass, chilies, and spring onions and saute it for half a second.
  • Now add the chicken mince, increase the flame and saute for 2 to 3 minutes. Add green beans and let the mixture cook until the chicken is cooked.
  • Now add the soy sauce, fish sauce, and sugar and cook it for 30 seconds more. Turn off the gas and mix it with basil leaves.

Your yummy and tasty Lemongrass Basil Chicken is ready. Serve it with rice and sliced chilies to enhance your flavor. This sweet and spicy chicken will bring a flood of flavors to your tongue.

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