Dark Choclate Avocado Mousse

Dark Choclate Avocado Mousse

The name chocolate itself is so rejuvinating and when mixed with the goodness of Avacado, it becomes the perfect desert. The avacado chocolate mousse is something which will relax and refresh your mind. So here are the igredients to it.

These ingredients are easily available at any local supermarket. The ingredients hold high value of nutrition and are really beneficial for health. Now let’s look at the preperation.


  • Take a microwavable bowl and mix coffee powder, coconut oil, sugar and chocolate, in it and keep it in microwave for 30 seconds upto 1 min so that chocolate melts.
  • Do not overcook chocolate, otherwise it will get hardened.
  • Now take a blender, add the avacado pulp and chocolate mix and blend it until the texture is smoothen.
  • In a bowl or glass, take out the mousse and garnish it with chopped dru fruits and serve.
  • You can even serve it cold. But do not freeze it.

This yummy desert is absolutely perfect after any continental dinner. Also you can have it anytime to please your sweet cravings. This desert will make you everyone’s favourite.

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