Rocket Leaves and Broccoli Soup

Rocket leaves, also known as arugula, is a superfood which is packed with fiber, antioxidants and a compound known as glucosinolates which helps provide body immunity against almost any kind of cancer. And broccoli, on the other hand, is a vital source of vitamin K, C, zinc, and calcium. Ingredients 1 clove garlic (chopped or minced) 1 tablespoon virgin oil (olive or coconut) 1 small onion (finely diced) 1 portion broccoli head (cut into small florets) 3/4 or 1 cup rocket leaves 2 cups water (or [...]

Stir Fry Broccoli

Another mouth-watering recipe through which you can inculcate broccoli in your family diet is Stir fry Broccoli. This allspice recipe will load your mouth with a number of authentic Indian spices. So let’s check it’s ingredients. Ingredients Broccoli Florets: 150 gms Potato: 2 medium sized and cubed Green Chilli: 1 chili, chopped Cumin seeds: 1/2 tablespoons Garlic: 1 tablespoon, chopped Vegetarian Oil: 2 tablespoon Red Chilli powder: 1/2 tablespoon Garam Masala: 1/2 tablespoon Cumin Powder: 1/4 tablespoon Coriander Powder: 1/4 tablespoon Salt to taste Lemon Juice: 1 tablespoon Sesame seeds: 1 tablespoon Let’s go [...]

Indian Spiced Broccoli

In the series of health and flavor, the next recipe to spice your mouth is Indian Spiced Broccoli. Broccoli may not look tempting, but though it master’s heart when it comes to taste. It is the perfect way for your families heart healthy and happy. The Ingredients are: Frozen Broccoli: 400 gms Garlic: 2 cloves Olive Oil: 2 tablespoon Hot Chilli Peppers: 1 pepper Ginger Root: 1 tablespoon Turmeric: 1/2 tablespoon Cumin Seeds: 1/2 tablespoon Salt to taste Now let’s go through the method First of all crush garlic [...]

Asparagus and Tofu Stir Fry

Asparagus, also known as sparrow grass, is loaded with nutrition benefits. It is a green stalk with a sweet and remarkable flavour. It is commonly used in salads and soups and can even be grilled. Enjoy this healthy combination of crispy asparagus and firm tofu, certainly a mouth-watering delight. Ingredients Firm Tofu, pressed: 3 cups Asparagus: 2 bunches Crushed garlic: 1 clove Powdered Ginger: 2 teaspoons Chopped Green onions: 6 Soy Sauce: 2 tablespoon Trimmed broccoli: 1 Olive oil: 2 tablespoon Water: 1 tablespoon Baby bok choy, quartered: 1 [...]

Benefits Of Eating Fresh

Eating healthfully and mindfully is very essential for our well-being. What goes inside our bodies highly impacts our health. There’s a significant connection between food and disease. So, it’s time to start treating our bodies like temples. Let only the good things in. makes sure that you get only healthy and fresh veggies. Now, when we talk about healthy foods, they can be divided into three categories: Uncooked food (aka Raw or fresh food), cooked food, and semi-cooked food Raw form [...]

Brocolli Pulaav

To inherit nutrition in your children is a big task, but don’t worry here is a recipe which is full of health and nutrition. Brocolli Pullav is a nutritional combo of taste and flavors. It will inherit nutrition as well as smack your families taste buds. Here are the quick ingredients of it. Ingredients Brocolli: 1 full flower Basmati Rice: 2 cups Oil: 2 tablespoon Ghee: 2 tablespoon Bay Leaf: 1 Salt to taste Water: 3 cups Yogurt: 1/2 cup Lemon Juice: 1 tablespoon Masala Ingredients Fennel Seeds: 1 teaspoon Peppercorns: [...]

Baked Zucchini Broccoli Pepper Mushroom

All the foodies in the world, are looking for taste, flavor, and delicacy. But what about health? So here is a bowl of nutrition filled with lots of flavors and nourishment. The Baked Zucchini Broccoli Pepper Mushroom is moreover like a salad, which is full of tangy and exotic flavor. So let’s begin it with its ingredients. Ingredients Sliced and quartered zucchini: 1 Sliced and quartered yellow squash: 1 Broccoli florets: 2 cups Chopped red onion: 2 Bell pepper: 1   Quartered Mushroom: 5 pounds Balsamic Vinegar: 2 tablespoons Olive [...]